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As the internet gets bigger and the world gets smaller, telephone calls and video calls make connecting with your suppliers, colleagues and clients easier and cheaper. This technology is playing an increasingly important role as companies also look towards reducing their carbon foot-print.

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What is Telephone Interpreting?

Telephone interpreting requires the same skills and patience as Consecutive Interpreting. You speak, the interpreter conveys the message and translates the response back before the process starts all over again.

What is, at heart, a simple process requires a certain amount of discipline on all sides, especially as the participants cannot always see each other and read body language. Interrupting or ‘jumping the gun’ impacts negotiations at the best of times, even more so when the deal is being worked out over the phone. Using an experienced interpreter who is attuned to these issues and how to avoid them is crucial in order to make your meeting run as smoothly as possible.

The linguists who work as part of Dialogue’s telephone interpreter services are selected for their empathy and ability to ‘read’ a situation as well as their language skills.

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How Telephone Interpreting is used  

Telephone interpretation services are ideal when a face-to-face meeting either isn’t possible, or isn’t needed. And with increasing sophistication of video conferencing, virtual meetings are becoming closer and closer to the real thing 

It’s a great cost-effective alternative to in-person appointments. It is practical for short interviews and emergency situations. Commercially speaking, using a qualified telephone or video interpreter can save you a lot of money and time.  

Advantages of using Dialogue’s Telephone Interpreter service 

Just a few of the benefits of telephone interpreting include: 

  • No travel/accommodation expenses 
  • Easy set-up – may be arranged at short notice 
  • No geographical constraints 
  • No time constraints 
  • Simple pre-booking service 
  • Lower late cancellation fee 
  • Reduces your company’s carbon foot-print 


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Telephone Interpreting Language option

Thanks to the flexibility of telephone interpreting, Dialogue has a network of professional interpreters based all over the world. Recently the most commonly requested language pairs have been English/Arabic, English/German, English/Norwegian and English/French but challenge us to find a language that we don’t cover!

How do Dialogue’s Telephone Interpreting services work?

Step 1.

We set up a pre-call briefing to establish the best service for you as well as the call’s objectives. 

Step 2.

We select the most suitable interpreters from our world class network and brief them with as many relevant materials as possible. 

Step 3.

If required, we set up a conference call between you, our interpreters and us to drill down on any questions or preferences. 

Step 4.

We liaise with our team and ensure everyone is ready to go the night before. You dial into the call. 

Dialogue’s German interpreting services are always professional. We couldn’t ask for any more from a company which clearly understands our business.

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MAN Truck & Bus

- HR Manager

Dialogue UK are my go-to supplier for all things language related. They are approachable, quick to respond and always accurate with the content they turn around for us. As an aside from being easy to work with, they have very competitive rates and cover all the languages we ever need.

Said Business School, Oxford University

Said Business School, Oxford University

Over the years Dialogue has provided a fast and professional translation service, allowing us to support generating set customers worldwide.



Telephone Interpreting FAQ

The interpreter is patched into your phone call, you speak for a short time and the interpreter translates what you’ve said into the target language and then translates the response back from the other caller/s.  

When a face-to-face meeting isn’t possible, it’s ideal. It’s also very cost-effective solution and can usually be set up at relatively short notice. Interpreters can also be patched into video conference where required. 

It is charged per hour, from £50 upwards.