Our remarkable language services are designed to enhance communication, increasing operational effectiveness for individuals, teams, departments and companies.

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We’re much more than talk

Through language training, translation, interpreting and cross-cultural coaching we help business people achieve international expansion, improve cross-border relations and enhance their international reputation. Here at Dialogue we’re much more than talk.

The world is getting smaller

Whether by real or virtual means, crossing the globe is getting easier. We need to share our ideas, products and our services through a common tongue. Dialogue works with a multitude of international companies offering flexibility as well as the abilty to interpret client needs and solutions that are effective, financially viable and delivered by experts.

Because we care deeply about the outcome, we always go that extra mile – or of course, kilometre.

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Ed-Tech to help your teams master business English

Diversity helps skyrocket companies in ways they’ve never imagined. However, staff need to be on the same page so that the execution process is flawless. That’s where Kudos comes into play. An Ed-Tech platform that helps your team master spoken English.

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Over 25 years of experience means you are in good hands. Dialogue offers a global translation service that’s backed by ISO17100 accreditation and a human at the end of the line!

Making your corporate films or e-learning materials accessible to overseas markets needs to be right first time. We render your international message with the same  impact as the original.

Our experienced, qualified and specialist interpreters will keep the dialogue flowing. International meetings, presentations and conferences have never been easier.

An ability to communicate well in English is an essential asset: English is often the lingua franca of industry. Dialogue will help you operate effectively and stylishly in the international market place.

You probably already know that learning a language opens up all sorts of positive opportunities. Dialogue brings you a user-friendly and effective means to master a language quickly.


Being culturally intelligent and aware can pay huge dividends. It builds respect and trust to bridge cultural divides. Dialogue provides you with the tools to hit the spot with your international colleagues.

The people changing the language sector

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Rob Shimwell

Training Director

Cathy Branson at Dialogue
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Cathy Branson

Business Development and Sales Director

A dialogue is often a two-way communication… principally to resolve a problem or share an idea.
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