As a matter of course, and like any good language school, we offer constant monitoring of learners via the regular reports we send out.

ISO 9001:2008 is an integral part of our day-to-day life at Dialogue. We monitor the success of a course through triangulating the basics of teaching.


1. Learner Questionnaires

We use online formats because they’re easy to send out, fill in and collate. They probe the quality, relevance and enjoyment of a course. Sent to learners at pre-agreed times, they get opinions from the people that matter: the learners. Results are discussed with the sponsors of the training, in the form of easily digestible graphs and summaries.

2. Reports

Regular reports from the trainers on the individual learners. These detail the areas of language covered to date, the trainer’s opinion of the learner’s level according to the CEFR rating system and of course, along with a subjective review of progress and, most importantly, suggestions for improvement.

3. Observations

Lesson observations. As part of the process we also conduct regular lesson observations, partly to allow us to monitor and enhance trainer performance and partly to allow us to share best practice with our other trainers. This is followed up with a 1-1 session with the trainer ensure the circle is complete.

"Thanks to the flexibility, understanding and patience of Dialogue I was able to pick up where I stopped 15 years ago in preparation for my relocation to France. The mix of 1-1 training and semi intensive in the UK in addition to an intensive in France ensured that my transition to Parisian living has been considerably easier than I ever imagined."RCI Banque