Here is a range of courses that have been developed to meet the demands of learners that have a basic foundation in their chosen language but need to hone a particular business skill.

    Let’s Talk Business

    A project-based intensive course focusing on language for core business functions (e.g. sales, finance, HR, marketing). You will set up a fictitious company and it will take you outside the classroom – it’s real and relevant.

    Let’s Negotiate

    A course that is focused on the techniques, the words, and the body language that is needed for successful negotiation in different circumstances. If you’ve got a tough negotiation coming up, this could be your answer.

    Let’s Present

    A course that is targeted for learners who need to make an impact when they present, it is practical and bespoke to learners who need to present in their chosen language.

    Let’s Make a Call

    The phone is a difficult medium for anyone who does not speak a language fluently – this course gives confidence, practical advice and role- play.

    Let’s Make An Impression

    A blend of language training and cultural training that has been written for a learner who needs to make an impact immediately.

This is just a sample of what Dialogue can develop, but it goes without saying that all our course are bespoke and different elements can be combined to make a unique product that works for the learner and the sponsor.