Exactly how they do it may have changed over the years

The technology available has developed and evolved to amazing levels, but we believe at Dialogue that it is the human being that is integral to the process. All supporting media – from blackboards through to the latest, fully interactive VLEs are all effective in their own way, but even with the most sophisticated technology, you need a human guide.


Create a book, CD, app or computer that marries all the above elements together and you’ll make a fortune.

If a trainer can’t tap into your way of thinking, can’t adapt to a different set of personal circumstances, then he or she isn’t doing it right. The human touch is vital to successful language learning and is a prerequisite for all Dialogue trainers.

"Teachers at Dialogue definitely hold the view 'You can't teach people anything, you can only help them to learn'. 
All courses they provide are customised for individual needs, not only teaching English but also encouraging them to learn to have confidence in themselves to handle high levels of English in business day in, day out.
"Honda Motor Europe

It goes without saying that Dialogue trainers have great experience in business language training. They also have appropriate qualifications. Each trainer goes through a rigorous interview during which they deliver a demonstration language class, followed by references from 2 happy clients/learners.

There’s plenty of pedagogy to share around too. We firmly believe in sharing best practice and ideas. At our regular CPD sessions and through our post lesson observation sessions, we encourage our trainers to exchange ideas on what works for them. Language learning never stops and neither does language teaching!

It is the person that counts for us. As we say at Dialogue:

You can’t teach anyone anything; you can only help them to learn.