The lessons run once or twice a week for up to 2 hours each, either at our centre or more practically in-company. The English language training can take place during or slightly outside the working day.

They allow a trainer to reinforce good practice and if needed to iron out bad (linguistic!) habits. They can work together or as a team to expand on new concepts and let the learner address issues that they have encountered in their daily working life.

An option to this course is to have the trainer shadow the learner over a period of time, within the business environment. This English language and cultural coaching allows the trainer to see at first hand how the learner’s approach may be improved to get the most out of their time in the UK.

These courses often work well with the focus of an exam – business or general English – at the end of the training. Learners can increase their learning dramatically by completing either work or exam projects in their own time, between lessons.

"My exam motivated me and made me realise how capable I actually was! As well as sharpening my skills, it has now given me formal recognition of my achievements."Major Luxury Car Manufacturer

How does it work?

We start with an in-depth training needs analysis (TNA) and assessment of the proficiency level in English. They will go through an Oxford online test and face-to-face conversation. From this we calculate the number of hours needed to achieve the objectives defined in the TNA.

We then determine the milestones, frequency of reviews and exams for each learner and language. It’s a collaborative process. You tell us what’s practical in terms of time and budget and we will do the rest.