Is an Ongoing Course right for me?

  • Do you need to improve your English?
  • Are you able to give the learning process time?
  • Are you able to commit to regular lessons?

If you have answered yes, then an ongoing course is the right way forward. Our courses will boost your effectiveness at work and focus on your personal linguistic and cultural challenges to help you become a more credible and confident employee.

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Ongoing Course

The estimate is based on learning English and might vary depending on location and chosen language.

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Ongoing Business English Language Training

The lessons run once or twice a week for up to 2 hours each, at our training centre, your place of work or via the internet. Training takes place at a time to suit you and is either 1-1 or small groups of up to 6 people.

The continuous nature of the training allows your trainer to reinforce good practice and if needed to iron out bad (linguistic!) habits. Your course will be drawn up to include specific outcomes and objectives that are useful to you and your sponsor, and it will invariably evolve as you introduce aspects that arise from your daily working life.

These courses often work well with a focus on a business or general English exam at the end of the training. We can advise on the most suitable for you.

Who needs Ongoing English Language Training?  

Dialogue’s client list includes business people such as MDs and CEOs, marketing managers and sales executives, chauffeurs and receptionists. But we’ve also provided English language training services for professional footballers and nuns, interns and university students, royal princes and generals.  

 Dialogue’s English Language Training Services 

We start with an in-depth training needs analysis (TNA) and assessment of your proficiency level in English. You take an Oxford University Press online test and have a face-to-face conversation with our Academic Director to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. From this we calculate the number of hours needed to achieve the objectives and outcomes you defined in your TNA.  

We then determine the milestones, frequency of reviews and exams for each learner and language. It’s a collaborative process. You tell us what’s practical in terms of time and budget and we do the rest. 

English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

To date our trainers have worked with students from these countries; we hope you can find your country in there!

Our English Language Training process 

Dialogue can offer 1-1 or small group classes. The best option for you will be discussed after the evaluation of the students. However, the process behind setting up English language training is as follows: 

Step 1.

Training needs analysis form sent to Dialogue detailing outline requirements.

Step 2.

Assessment of student level and greater exploration of student/sponsor needs by phone, Skype or in person.

Step 3.

Outline programme created and submitted for approval from students and sponsor.

Step 4.

English language course delivered and monitored.

Step 5.

Student develops skills and confidence to perform sophisticated business roles.

Step 6.

Feedback with recommendations for future study returned to students and sponsor.

Dialogue have supplied Honda Trading Europe UK with language training for many years, supplying really committed and experienced trainers – always meeting our associates’ needs. The languages we mainly need training in Honda Trading Europe UK are Japanese and English as a foreign language - so thank you, and Arigatôgozaimashita Dialogue for a great service.

Honda Trading Europe UK

Honda Trading Europe UK

Dialogue provided a first class English language training service, which involved real tailoring to our business terminology & industry specific terms which added a significant return on investment.  I would highly recommend Dialogue for any language services

AB Agri

AB Agri

Dialogue is simply marvellous – couldn’t ask for a better provider in all aspects.



English Language training FAQs

If you are able to commit to a class 1-2 times a week and dedicate an hour or two between classes to consolidate what you’ve learned, then this will work for you. Our course will boost your effectiveness at work, your cultural awareness and focus on your personal linguistic challenges. 

Classes start at £48/hour for 1-1 classes and £56/hour for groups up to 6. These prices include your training needs analysis, initial proficiency assessment, materials, bespoke course design, regular feedback reports, reviews, and exam prep where required.  

This is entirely up to you; we can come to you or, if you prefer to get away from the office, it can be off-site or at our business language training centre.  

At Dialogue you will receive feedback reports every 20 hours which will detail your progress in conjunction with your initial objectives. If it helps to have regular tests or even an official exam at the end, establish this at the outset and your trainer will integrate this into your course. 

Dialogue offers Altissia online language training programmes to support and consolidate your lessons in class if required. We also offer video conferencing lessons via Skype or Zoom to accommodate busy travel schedules. 

We understand it’s tough juggling study with work and try to be as flexible as possible. However, we normally charge for any classes cancelled within 24 hours of the date and time booked.