You know how it is…

A language course is started with the very best intentions; after just a few weeks, things start to ‘get in the way’ and there are ‘more important places to be’. We understand the frustration and have come up with a guaranteed solution. And like most great ideas, it is rather simple:

Let’s do business

A focused, 1 or 2 week 1-1 intensive course that achieves goals quickly and efficiently. It is not just classroom based; our students apply what they have learned outside the classroom and immerse themselves fully in UK culture.

Each course has a clearly defined set of aims and objectives. There are pre-agreed assignments that involve research, presentations and negotiations. The modular aspect of the course enables students to pick and choose what’s directly applicable and relevant to them.

We ensure that the content is relevant, realistic, immediately usable and enjoyable. With ‘real’ people, not just the trainer! The experience will directly meet the demands of the job.

"My intensive course’s 3 strengths were the host family, the importance of oral discussion and the availability of the teachers. The teachers were clear, patient, encouraging, professional, interesting and humorous." Juan, HR DirectorRenault, Spain

How does it work?

  • Following a detailed analysis, we prepare a course around your language needs and commercial activity
  • You select job-related modules to enhance your course eg negotiations or presentation skills
  • You go on field trips to cities putting business theory into practice
  • We offer bolt-on modules to suit your personal interests, such as golfing days, mountain-biking or theatre visits
  • Take advantage of our residential option to fully immerse yourself with the language or choose from a range of hotels
  • Post course refresher sessions via the web ensure you retain what you’ve learned

      It’s a collaborative process: You tell us what’s practical in terms of time and budget, and we will do the rest.