Is an intensive course right for me?

  • Do you have a B1 level of English or higher?
  • Do you need to improve over a very short period of time?
  • Do you have specific business skills you need to improve?

If you have answered yes, then a 1-1 intensive course is the right way forward. It will build your confidence, credibility and English ability within a 1 or 2 week period.

Dialogue’s intensive courses are effective, focused and engaging. They are not a holiday from work: you’ll need to do assignments and will be constantly pushed outside your comfort zone in English, but encouraged and supported at all times so you feel at ease.

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How Dialogue’s Intensive English Courses work 

You’ll have 32 hours of contact time with your trainers: studying, researching, practising, and executing the clearly pre-defined outcomes and objectives of your course. 

You’ll learn and develop your English inside the classroom and outside it, through task-based activities and extra-curricular trips to places such as state-of-the-art factories, historical cities or even a football club.  

As it’s 1-1 training (and occasionally you will have 2 trainers) you get the individual attention you need to make the rapid progress we promise. 

Whether you choose a 1 or 2 week UK intensive English course, we highly recommend a residential option to make the most of your time here: you’ll have chance to practise your English in a different situation and absorb yet more British culture as you eat with your family and their friends. If you prefer some independence, we can also organise hotel accommodation. 

Finally, we offer extra modules to suit your personal interests such as golfing days, theatre visits or mountain biking in Wales. It is important to immerse yourself in order to obtain maximum benefit from your time on the course.  

Who needs intensive English language training?

All kinds of students take advantage of our courses: 

  • CEOs/MDs 
  • Politicians/leaders 
  • Members of Senior Management teams 
  • Sales executives 
  • Surgeons and medical experts 
  • FCOs/HR Directors 

Intensive English Training Modules and Objectives 

Some of the course modules are listed below: 

Presentation Skills

1. Engaging your audience and building rapport
2. Creating focus and impact
3. Transitioning between slides
4. Raising questions


1. Describing graphs and statistics
2. Comparing and contrasting figures
3. Cause and effect

Human Resources

1. Interviewing and evaluating
2. Corporate responsibility
3. Disciplining


1. Chairing a meeting
2. Agreeing and disagreeing
3. Advantages and disadvantages
4. Courses of action

Technical English

1. Describing processes
2. Dimensions, materials and shapes
3. Report writing


1. Describing a project range
2. Recommending and suggesting
3. Negotiating around a table

Customer Services

1. Telephoning and emailing protocols
2. Handling complaints
3. Advising and criticising

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Our Intensive English Language Training Process

Step 1.

Training needs analysis form sent to Dialogue detailing outline requirements.

Step 2.

Assessment of student level and greater exploration of student/sponsor needs by phone, Skype or in person.

Step 3.

Outline programme created and submitted for approval from students and sponsor.

Step 4.

English language course delivered and monitored.

Step 5.

Student develops skills and confidence to perform sophisticated business roles.

Step 6.

Feedback with recommendations for future study returned to students and sponsor.

Dialogue provided a first class intensive English language training service, which involved real tailoring to our business terminology & industry specific terms which added a significant return on investment.  The pre-travel contact and airport transfers arranged by their team meant a seamless and stress free experience for our employee and a genuine personal service we haven’t had from other providers, or online resources.  I would highly recommend Dialogue for any language services

AB Agri

AB Agri

Dialogue have supplied Honda Trading Europe UK with language training for many years, supplying really committed and experienced trainers – always meeting our associates’ needs. The languages we mainly need training in Honda Trading Europe UK are Japanese and English as a foreign language - so thank you, and Arigatôgozaimashita Dialogue for a great service.

Honda Trading Europe UK

Honda Trading Europe UK

My intensive course’s 3 strengths were the host family, the importance of oral discussion and the availability of the teachers. The teachers were clear, patient, encouraging, professional, interesting and humorous.



Teachers in Dialogue definitely hold the view ‘you can’t teach people anything, you can only help them to learn’.
 All courses they provide are customised for individual needs, not only teaching English but also encouraging them to learn to have confidence in themselves to handle high levels of English in business day in, day out.

Honda Motor Europe

Honda Motor Europe

English Language training FAQs

If you have a level of B1 or higher, need to improve quickly over a short period and have specific business skills you want to improve, the answer is yes.

One week includes 1-1 training with 32 hours contact time. This combines business and cultural English language training in the classroom with more practical, task-based activities and extra-curricular trips outside the training centre. The training package plus homestay with a local family costs approximately £3k per week. 

Yes. We recommend staying with one of our welcoming host families. They will enable you to put into practice what you’ve learnt during the day through chatting over a traditional, home-cooked meal. You will also learn a lot about English culture and life here. Alternatively, we can arrange hotel accommodation nearby. 

We don’t run fixed-date courses, so you have complete flexibility regarding timing, duration and frequency. Bookings 2+ weeks in advance is always appreciated to enable the course to be prepared thoroughly, host family organised and activities set up.