English Language Training

An ability to communicate well in English is an essential asset: it is often the lingua franca of industry.

An English language course at Dialogue will open doors into the wider world. Whether it’s business English training, English for Special Purposes, exam preparation or simply helping you prepare for a specific presentation or job interview, Dialogue will help you to get your ducks in a row.


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Every Dialogue English language training course is:

Relevant with clear outcomes

Dialogue builds a programme that fits around your specific business context and needs.

Realistic and usable

Task-based training using realia from your workplace is the most interesting and effective way to get results. What you learn revolves around what you do at your work.


If it isn’t enjoyable, you won’t learn so much. Our courses, materials and trainers are all chosen to reflect Dialogue’s ethos and passion for training.

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English language courses 

Intensive English Language Courses in the UK

1 or 2 week training programmes focusing on exactly what you need, precisely when you need it. Your course involves out-of-classroom assignments, research, presentations and negotiations. This course is most suitable for senior executives looking for a compact, focused solution.

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Ongoing English Language Courses in the UK

EFL lessons run once or twice a week from our training centre, your offices or via video conference. We  will guide and support you with your linguistic, commercial and cultural needs. Most suitable for employees with frequent contact with Englishspeaking colleagues or clients.

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Our English Language Training process 

Dialogue can offer 1-1 or small group classes. The best option for you will be discussed after the evaluation of the students. However, the process behind setting up English language training is as follows: 

Step 1.

Training needs analysis form sent to Dialogue detailing outline requirements.

Step 2.

Assessment of student level and greater exploration of student/sponsor needs by phone, Skype or in person.

Step 3.

Outline programme created and submitted for approval from students and sponsor.

Step 4.

English language course delivered and monitored.

Step 5.

Student develops skills and confidence to perform sophisticated business roles.

Step 6.

Feedback with recommendations for future study returned to students and sponsor.

Teachers in Dialogue definitely hold the view ‘you can’t teach people anything, you can only help them to learn’.
 All courses they provide are customised for individual needs, not only teaching English but also encouraging them to learn to have confidence in themselves to handle high levels of English in business day in, day out.

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English Language Training FAQs 

Classes range from £48/hour, including materials, up to £3k for a one-week intensive, which includes activities and homestay costs. Hourly costs will depend on whether you are studying 1-1 or in a group. 


If you’re a beginner or have a basic level only, 1-2 classes a week (2-4 hours) are recommended to allow course content to sink in and for you to consolidate and practise.  1-2 week UK intensives are a great time-efficient boost to language for students with English at CEFR level B1+. 


Dialogue is known for creating courses relevant to your business, for the professionalism of our business trainers, and for making learning English FUN! The modular nature of our bespoke business courses means you can pick what is relevant to you rather than wasting time on what isn’t.  


The key to this is relevance. Brief us at the start on what you need to operate better at work and that’s what we will focus on, combining the relevant cultural and language content you need to operate more efficiently in English. Ongoing feedback and assessment will help quantify ROI. 

We encourage this strongly as it accelerates learning but we try to make it fun and relevant to what you need; that might mean prepping a presentation, listening to mp3s, playing online grammar games, or simply watching a film. 


This depends on your objectives, commitment and starting level. When we conduct the initial assessment we will be able to give you an indication of how many hours you will need to achieve your aims using the CEFR scales.