Companies involved internationally recognise how demanding the work place can be. It places additional strains on the their staff, their clients and their supply chain. It is not surprising that it is so challenging: So many languages, cultures and ways of working.

Dialogue recognises the problem and has developed a suite of solutions. We ensure that all staff members understand how to work and what to expect in the international, multilingual, multicultural environment. Throughout the course we will demystify how to be culturally agile when dealing with other cultures in an engaging and interactive way.

It is intensely practical, versatile and constantly evolving. Once the delegates have been in situ for three months, Dialogue gets feedback from the coalface to see how we might be able to incorporate their real-life experiences into the next course. This ensures that the learning is always relevant and up to date.


Lower numbers, increased focus

Presenting abroad to win a new contract? Establishing a new link in your international network? For those teams that have to deal with international colleagues on a regular or intensive basis, this small group course will fit the bill.

There are no flat pack solutions here. Each business sector has a way of working unique to that industry. A detailed pre-course assessment will determine the objectives of the individuals on the course as well as sector-specific issues. This then forms the basis for a course programme focused on developing appropriate behaviours, language and ways of working.

It prepares the delegates for dealing with the differences in culture and attitudes they may encounter, and how best to put themselves across. Done well, it helps them avoid the mistakes that other outsiders may make.

Relocation preparation

Relocating brings with it significant behavioural changes that can adversely impact on all concerned. Our cultural courses deal with the potential stress points that relocation presents and most importantly how to eradicate or minimise them.

Dialogue doesn’t focus solely on theory, but looks at the practical steps to ensure a relocation goes as smoothly as possible. For instance we know that being relocated often has the biggest impact on the person living life at a local level rather than the one cocooned in the corporate environment. We know the impact that this can have. If the spouse isn’t happy, the employee isn’t happy. We deliver support and guidance for all involved.

Dialogue also focuses on the exact role that relocatees will be carrying out and how this might affect the cultural gap. It isn’t just the business setting. We cover historical subjects that have affected the region, religious beliefs or current affairs. Whatever might impact on them doing their job to the best of their ability.

Each course covers such things as the local area – whether shops, regional activities and traditions or some phrases to break the ice. A traditional meal can be prepared if practical to allow delegates to experience and taste local dining at first hand.

"For my wife and myself the course was in that way very useful, because we had the opportunity to ask social, financial and English etiquette. These "private" things you can not really ask directly your English friends and colleagues"Learner from major automotive manufacturer