Silver Cross

Baby stroller indoor. Empty place for text. Front view.

Many of you may remember being wheeled around in a Silver Cross pram! A nursery specialist, Silver Cross was founded in Yorkshire in 1877. Following global expansion, Silver Cross is now internationally recognised for its range including prams and car seats.


Dialogue was approached in 2009 to start localising Silver Cross’ product user manuals into 10+ languages. What was key was to get the technical specs and instructions 100% accurate with a quick turnaround to ensure the complete safety for all adults and children using their products.

  • Product names and brands needed to be reviewed for each market to ensure there were no cultural issues or mishaps.
  • Manuals for the Middle East and Israel received special treatment to ensure that the manual design worked with scripts right to left.
  • Expansion of text in some languages led to design issues on smaller labels, so Dialogue presented solutions where required.
  • Full localisation was required including technical measurements.
  • Storing the InDesign files in our translation memory made subsequent updates easy, cost effective and swift

We have retained the contract since then and the fully localised user manuals have, we hope, resulted in happy and safe, mobile children across the world.


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