Major Car Manufacturer

car wheel

Manufacturers of aspirational cars, motorcycles and aircraft engines. They are an international company with dealerships across the globe.


To create cultural coaching courses that would provide support with expatriation from and into Western, Asian and Middle Eastern cultures.

  • All courses were developed in tandem with the delegates’ and the company’s needs – whether employee, spouse or both. No one size fits all.
  • The courses prepared the delegates for the emotional challenges encountered when relocating to another country – managing expectations, explaining natural cycles.
  • The focus was very much on the practicalities of living and working in the target country – not just the theory.
  • Course content was constantly reviewed for relevance and updates by obtaining feedback from delegates 6 months after they had relocated to the target culture. This was then fed into later training, ensuring each course was not just based around Dialogue’s own perception of what was needed.
  • Some practical language training was incorporated into the course, allowing delegates to make a positive impression right from the moment they landed and empowering them with some of the skills to break the ice when meeting new colleagues.

Dialogue has trained delegates relocating to Dubai, China, Germany, the US and the UK. Courses have all received over 95% satisfaction rating, with all delegates feeling more confident about their impending move and more able to adapt to a different way of life. This has led to improved contentment with expatriates abroad, meaning more efficient work patterns and whole families ‘staying the course’.


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