Why should I translate my website?

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Have you ever been navigating a website that isn’t in your native language? It can be so inconvenient for consumers who are trying to gain an insight into your products or services and are being faced with this barrier. So here are some reasons why you should think about translating your website to overcome several challenges.

Improve Prospects

You may be thinking that you only have customers in an area that only speaks English, so why bother translating it? One word: expansion! Translation makes your business accessible in multiple countries and with digital communications so easy to use, there really is no reason not to. You could be increasing your international reach in no time! Data indicates that websites that have been translated receive a lower bounce rate and more interaction. More time spent on your website could generate a greater chance of potential consumers purchasing your product or service.


Access to More Markets

While you may think that everyone in your potential consumer target market speaks the language of your website, this of course isn’t always the case. For example, while you may not immediately think of Welsh as an important language to translate to, many native speakers prefer to consume information in Welsh even though they speak English. Recognising this through your own website can show your customers that you really care about them and identify with their culture. SEO is also a big buzzword when we think about digital communications in the modern-day, but did you know that translation can help improve your global SEO and help you establish a greater global presence? Well, now you do! Translated keywords mean that your content is more searchable in foreign languages, meaning more traffic is driven to your website.


Sub-par Browser Translation Functionality

Most browsers now come with their own translation system built in to detect if you’re on a website that isn’t in your native language. So why not stick with that? Well, that may not provide the most accurate translation, as it is likely machine-generated, and while something may make perfect sense in its structure in English, it may not make sense in other languages and benefit from human linguist intervention. Whilst machine translation is becoming more and more sophisticated and is certainly a phenomenon we need to keep up with, it can still lead to a loss of meaning or nuance, which you would avoid if hiring a professional, website-specialised translator.

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