Why should I translate my e-commerce website?


The benefits of translating your e-commerce site

To remain competitive in a crowded market, it’s imperative that e-commerce websites innovate to push ahead of competitors. Everyone loves to be addressed in their native tongue. It tells us that the company we’re engaging with cares about us and gives us a sense of security knowing that we’re not going to misunderstand anything.

By having a multilingual e-commerce site, you’ll have a better chance of selling your products or services to someone from Germany, for example, if your website is in German. In the same way, you can connect better to a French speaker if they see that your site is available in French. The benefits of translating your e-commerce site will have a huge impact on your customer satisfaction on an international scale.

Giving the right brand impression

To stand out, you need to do everything to impress your customers. Having a multilingual site serves as proof that you’re running a global business that cares about its customers. It says that your company is broadminded and thinks on a global scale.

All these things can have a positive impact on how customers perceive your business. They will associate your company with professionalism, high-quality products and as a result, will be more likely to return.

The more users that can access your site using their native language, the more prospective customers you will have. The takeaway here is that the language that you use for your e-commerce site plays a significant role in broadening your current customer base.

Error prevention on your e-commerce website

If your customer is using a website that is not in their primary language, it could lead to errors and frustration. Miscommunication relating to product details, shipping, and even unit measurements can potentially harm your relationship with the customer. It’s critical to address these concerns using a culturally and linguistically sensitive approach with professional translation.

Expanding your e-commerce website – business abroad

Do you have an e-commerce business that reaches beyond your domestic market? And are you in a position where you can cater to a larger, international audience? If you have discovered an unexpected overseas interest in your brand, consider translating your website into the local language to keep the momentum going. By doing so, you will demonstrate your commitment to your new customer base and provide them with a platform on which to engage with you directly. Your business will accelerate by providing localised information to support your international customers. 

Making the final decision for your e-commerce site

Setting up a multilingual e-commerce site can be daunting. However, you can do this effortlessly if you have the right support from an experienced translation agency that you can trust, like Dialogue.

So, take your business to the next level by adding multilingual features. Doing so will help you cater to non-English speaking customers and expand your market reach. As a result, you will see improvements in your sales and revenue over time.

At Dialogue, our skilled translators have several years of experience in delivering high quality translations. If you feel like you’re ready to translate your e-commerce website then feel free to contact us today for more information or complete a ‘get in touch’ form for a free, no obligation quote.

Remember, adding at least one language in your e-commerce store will make a significant difference.

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