What is Transcreation?


Transcreation lets businesses fire up the same emotional response in individuals who have very different cultural values and ways of life. The word blends ‘translation’ and ‘creation,’ resulting in a translation process used to adapt advertising, marketing and communications materials so they have the same emotional appeal whatever the audience, whatever their culture. The materials you’ve had transcreated might look very different from the originals, simply because transcreating delivers an entirely new message rather than a translation that’s been localised.


What is transcreation?

So… transcreation is the process of blending translation and creation to turn messages in other languages into content evoking the exact same response in the audience. The intent and style of the original remain in place but it is cleverly adapted so it appeals directly and strongly to a very particular target audience.

You can imagine how powerful it is to encounter a marketing message that taps directly into your taste and traditions, your way of using language, and your way of seeing life. And in contrast, how disturbing it is to come across a product or service described in a way that’s very unfamiliar to you, difficult to grasp, or maybe even offensive.   


What’s the difference between transcreation and translation?

Translation means translating material written in one language into another while keeping the meaning and emotional context the same. Transcreation means rewriting a message completely so it says the same things, but in a way an audience will find attractive and compelling because it dovetails perfectly with the way their culture works, their priorities, likes, expectations, dislikes and more. Essentially, you’re converting the essence of a message from one culture to another.   


Why is transcreation important for businesses

Transcreation gives you a valuable short-cut into a culture, a way to attract and convert potential customers that ties in with their life experiences and way of doing things. If you don’t bother to transcreate you’ll fall short, failing to convince people about your products, services, support and everything else.


Where and how is transcreation used?

Used widely in the marketing arena, transcreation is extremely useful in selling products. It improves a brand’s overseas reputation and reach. It’s used to make video and social media work harder, enhance presentations, improve brochures, and make off-the-page advertising more powerful and relevant. It helps make literature and TV more appealing across borders. Video game transcreation makes games resonate better with different audiences. And it gives mobile apps a wider appeal, too.


What are the benefits of transcreation?

Transcreation comes with many business benefits:

·         Increases people’s overall acceptance of your brand, acceptance being the precursor of trust  

·         Helps you build an accurate picture of your brand in every culture you operate

·         Makes your brand suitable for the market in question  

·         Boosts sales

·         Helps you to grow customer loyalty

·         Makes your brand culturally-sensitive, essential given that targeted marketing and advertising always works better than a non-targeted, general approach

·         Gives you a competitive advantage

·         Stops you from making silly mistakes that might offend, annoy or alienate your audience


How Dialogue can help with transcreation

Transcreation is one of our most popular services. We’ve helped plenty of brands take their products and services into other cultures smoothly, inspiring their clients and improving their potential for success. If you’d like to find out more or discuss your transcreation project with the experts before making a decision, we’ll be happy to help. 

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