Queen Elizabeth II – 5 Language, Travel, and Education Facts 

the Queen of England reading a book image by Lisa Sheridan

Looking back over the past two weeks at how the world has come together to mourn, but also celebrate the remarkable life of Queen Elizabeth II and her reign of over 70 years, we thought it would be interesting to learn more about the Queen’s early life – life before the crown. What was her upbringing like? Did she have a formal education? Did she know more languages aside from the famous ‘Queen’s English’?

Here are 5 quick language, travel, and education facts about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II…

Fact 1: The Queen was fluent in French

In addition to English, Queen Elizabeth II was fluent in French.  When visiting France, the Queen often spoke French, and once even gave a speech in French at a State Banquet in 2014 and whilst addressing the French Senate in 2004.

The Queen of England facts

Fact 2: Queen Elizabeth II travelled widely across the Commonwealth

Her Majesty travelled more than any British monarch before her. Within the Commonwealth alone, she made over 150 visits during her reign.

The Queen of England facts

Fact 3: The Queen of England visited over 100 countries

The Queen travelled to an impressive 100+ countries during her reign and amongst the European countries, she visited France the most – on 13 separate occasions.

The Queen of England facts

Fact 4: As a princess, Elizabeth was educated at home

Princess Elizabeth was educated at home and as the presumptive heir in 1936, Princess Elizabeth began to study history and law.

The Queen of England facts

Fact 5: The Queen also studied art and music

After her father became King in 1936, Princess Elizabeth also began studying French, German, art, and music.

The Queen of England facts


Language, travel, and education played a central role in the long and fruitful life of the Queen. If you’d like to learn French, like Queen Elizabeth II, then get in touch with us at Dialogue today.

(Photo credit: Princess Elizabeth enjoys some light reading at Windsor Castle on July 8, 1946. Photo: Lisa Sheridan/Studio Lisa/Getty Images)

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