My German Language Journey – BIG FAT E Part 4

Location Germany. Green pin on the map.
I had plans for the Summer. 

I’d work, and then sit in the garden every evening and do a little lesson. If I got stuck, no problem, keep going. I knew I needed to persevere but my willpower is awful and so I knew that with all good intentions, it wasn’t going to last. Of course, I was right. It’s hard to learn in your own downtime, to prompt yourself, even for just 10 minutes. You must be in the right frame of mind and have the energy to focus. Not always possible when you’ve spent a day in front of a big screen and some time on a little screen and then deciding you have done too much screening for today and you’re tired and your eyes need a break and yes please, I’d love a wine. 

I have not done much. And I feel bad about it. And I need to get back into it, pronto. 

Struggling to stay motivated whilst learning a new language like Ann-Marie? Have a look at these 4 tips by Babbel to help keep your focus strong. 

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