International Marketing – Lost In Translation


In today’s competitive marketplace, the importance of on-target marketing cannot be overstated. Marketing and advertising firms spend millions of their clients’ creative budgets examining ways to connect with their target audiences’ hearts and minds. Realistically, how can this be achieved when your service or product is being marketed to different audiences with diverse cultural and linguistic complexities? How can you make sure that you are hitting the mark in all your key markets yet retaining consistency in your offering?



It is important to understand that you need more than a simple word-for-word translation. As in any market, style and tone are critical. Localising your content is definitely worth considering. This means ensuring that any unfamiliar references or names that may alienate anyone in your target market are addressed. It can vary from changing an idiom to modifying a scenario to fit in with a local custom.

Multilingual SEO


Make sure your choice of language services provider understands your marketing translation objectives, your corporate tone/style, target age group and branding. Ensure your localisation strategy also considers Multilingual SEO to ensure you get the maximum results from your campaign so that it positively impacts how search engines rank your web pages – internationally.



Taking it one step further… the final frontier of international marketing. You need to ensure that your branding and marketing material is as attractive and as persuasive as the original. This is more about creative transcreation – the art of adapting marketing messages to hit the right note in your target markets. Transcreation goes beyond mere translation to deliver engaging advertising, marketing, promotional, or brand-related communication within the context of the local market. Your investment in creative translation will make sure your ideas resonate appropriately with your target audience.

What could be better?

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