How could a voiceover service benefit my business?

Voiceover studio large diaphragm cardioid microphone, headphones and lectern in professional voice recording studios.

Although you may not have thought about it, the skills a voice actor can bring to the table could be as valuable to your business as those of your marketing manager, accountant, or project manager. Although the services of a professional voice talent may not be a necessary fit for all business types, there are many ways hiring voice talent can give the right companies a professional edge or simply take work off the owner’s plate…

Local Radio Ads > TV ads

If you’re a smaller company with a tighter budget, radio advertising can be a potentially more cost-effective option in comparison to TV ads. The radio ad will need the right trained voice to get your message across and communicate your brand values. With no moving images to work with, the voice hired needs to be able to take direction, talk with the correct tone, and create strong images in the audience’s mind. If within budget, you can still go for TV adverts but beware that they can be incredibly expensive to produce and therefore prohibitive to many small businesses. Radio ads on the other hand, especially for local radio, are accessible to a much wider range of businesses.

Video content is the way forward

You can shoot quality footage for free with your smartphone nowadays and according to a recent HubSpot blog, if you are not creating video content for your business, you are running the risk of falling behind. It goes on to reassure, however, that video content needn’t be anything overly fancy. “For most videos, the simpler and rawer it is, the more authentic the content seems … and that’s what really matters to your audience”. So how could you implement this in your business?

You may be a florist and want to show off the new roses that you have in stock. A nice video snippet, with a professional voiceover, will 100% bring attention to your offering. It also further brings attention to your business as a whole and means you are creating valuable content. Or maybe you are in the process of opening your own private dental practice and you want to present how your services differ from those in the same industry. You can’t fit everything into a single image to properly describe these services, but a voiceover artist will be able to create a full experience to help seal the deal.

Of course, it’s easy enough to take some static shots and post the shots across social media. However, for a little bit of investment, you could film 1 minute of footage showing the item from different angles, write a short script with what you want to say on the topic, then hand the script to us at Dialogue to finalise your voiceover product. You now have a great little video showcasing a key item that you can promote on all your social platforms.

Granted these ideas may not work for all types of business. However, for those with a high turnover of advertising requirements or who (even occasionally) need to shout about something seasonal or exclusive, this type of content will add value. Added value leads to greater awareness and more sales – hooray!

Promotional videos with a voiceover actor

If your budget is more flexible and you’d prefer to hire a professional video production company rather than using your smartphone (check you out!), why not go for it and have a voiceover?

This is a great way to let your customers know what you’re about. It allows you to provide a simple overview of how your product or service works. Perhaps you’re a company specialising in party decorating? You will need an eye-catching video on your homepage introducing yourself and your services. Maybe you run a private healthcare service and would like a competent promotional video with a voiceover to match? One that assures your customers how you’ll look after them and give them the results they need.

The possibilities for video are endless. Once you have one, you may only need to update it every year, or even less. This will also mean that clients won’t have to wade through paragraphs of text. With the video, they can get a good concise visual overview of what you offer.

Voiceover services with Dialogue

There are many more ways voiceover services can cater to businesses of all sizes. Here at Dialogue, we offer high quality voiceover services and would be more than happy to send you a quote for your requests. Hopefully you’ve found this helpful and that maybe we’ve given you some fresh ideas about how you can incorporate voiceovers into your content.

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