My German Language Journey – BIG FAT E Part 5

Germany education concept. Graduation cap and diploma on wooden table, national flag background. Succesful student.

The beginning of September started well – I wanted to make a routine of having a lesson every day. For me, the mornings are best, where I’m wide awake, have been fed and watered, and it’s a quieter time of day where I can focus on just this one thing. Duolingo states that 5 minutes a day is all you need but I wanted to put aside 10-20 – a bit of recap of what I did the day before, a new lesson and then a story… 

After two weeks, this routine was going well.

Progressing slowly but persevering and whilst I had questions, I would write them down and carry on. I had an additional bonus of chatting with Cathy at our monthly work meeting, who is one of Dialogue’s Directors as well as a qualified English and German tutor – giving her updates as to how I was getting on and asking her some of the WHY questions that I had. In 10 minutes, she had explained to me the WHYs and it made so much more sense! In just 10 minutes! I need me a Cathy, and so she has kindly agreed to teach me a few lessons to help me become confident and fluent in what I know so far, as well as guiding me on how to approach the new topics I want to teach myself. 



Cathy - Translation Director at Dialogue/ Qualified English and German Tutor

I also watched a programme on Netflix called The Defeated – which contained English, Russian and German speaking actors (yes it was about the war) – with English subtitles. I challenged myself to see how much of what was being spoken I could pick up and understand without looking at the subtitles. Turns out, very little. When you’re learning, everything is given to you so slowly – and so it’s incredibly hard to listen to speech at a normal pace and pick out all the words in time. 

It wasn’t all bad though, I was able to pick out a few pieces, such as “Es tut mir leid” (I’m sorry) / “Zwei Minuten später” (two minutes later) and “es regnet” (It’s raining). Better than nothing! 

Speaking of subtitling, have you ever considered using voiceover and subtitling services? Click here to find out more if you have. 

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