5 Reasons to Learn a New Language as an Adult in 2022

Two young adult women gaining new skills at public library, reading books and making notes

The thought of learning a new language as an adult can be extremely daunting. When will I find the time? Doesn’t the human brain stop developing after the age of 18? When will I ever use the language? Why didn’t I just learn another language as a kid? These are all common excuses that we make, which inevitably prevent us from taking the time to pick up new foreign language skills that will have a significantly positive impact on our lives today.

Here are 5 reasons to learn a new language as an adult going into 2022:

1. More job opportunities

Being bilingual or multilingual has huge benefits when it comes to business, and it can make your CV look great. Most employers recruiting for customer service roles will find someone that speaks more than one language more impressive than someone that doesn’t. It’s a huge advantage. Other than customer service, you could fulfil a career as: a flight attendant, translator, interpreter, marketing manager, I.T. consultant and more!

2. Once you master one, it will be easier to master another

Many foreign languages were born from other languages. Believe it or not, the root language of English is Germanic. If you were to learn a language like French, which has Latin roots, it would be relatively easy to then pick up Spanish and learn a second language.

Remember, everyone has individual learning strategies though, so what may work for your auntie’s best friend that just finished learning their 4th language of the year, may not work for you. Find a learning strategy that fits your style and preferences.

3. We can travel again (well…almost)

After a long period of not being able to catch any flights and soak up the sun due to COVID-19, we are slowly but surely edging closer to freedom and holidays abroad. It was all fun and games taking domestic trips to London to have cocktails with friends, and Bristol for a day’s shopping trip, but nothing quite beats catching a flight and being hit by beautiful sun beams as the plane lands and you touchdown at a foreign airport. ‘¿Hola, como estas?’ says a member of staff at the airport… how do you respond? Imagine how great you would feel arriving at your new destination, knowing the excitement of being able to ‘fit in’. If you learn a new language today, you will no longer have to imagine… it can become your reality.

4. Improve your time management

Worried about finding the time to cook the kids’ dinner, never mind learning a new language? Or maybe you have older kids that need you to drive them down to university for the weekend? Or no kids at all but you’re regularly swamped with a million and one tasks to complete all within 24 hours? Lose the excuses! Learning a new language and finding the time to do so is as easy as setting aside 30 minutes of your time every day. Consistency is key, especially when you first start learning.

If you genuinely struggle to find 30 minutes of your day then why not try to replace that pesky social media app you aimlessly go on during your lunch breaks, or even your toilet breaks, and swap it for a quick language training session?

Think about where these short 30-minute language commitments can take you in a year from now? That’s only 365 days – easy!

 How long does it take to learn a foreign language?

5. Your choice – the world’s your oyster!

It’s so different, and I must say better, to learn a new language as an adult rather than as a child for this reason alone – getting to choose which one you want to learn. Maybe at school it was compulsory for you to learn German even though you really had your heart set on French. Or maybe you loved German and wanted to progress with it but by the time you decided to do so, your head of languages decided to change all lessons to Spanish…

Now is the time for you to choose what language YOU want to learn without any setbacks. You could be in your late 50s or early 90s, fall in love with learning another language and be fluent within a year. We’ve shown you 5 great reasons why it would be good to take on this challenge as an adult going into 2022 – can you think of any reasons not to? We didn’t think so!

Maybe you’ve already been practicing and need the extra boost with an ongoing course? Check out our ongoing foreign language courses that we have available at Dialogue. 

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