Our New Year’s Pledge to you

New Year, new start

New Year. A time for new beginnings, organising our lives, cleaning our desks and of course, making some New Year’s resolutions. At Dialogue, we thought that it would only be fitting to make some of our own resolutions, promises to YOU, our much-loved clients, for 2023. But since it’s only the 4th of January and …

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How does Dialogue celebrate New Year?

Dialogue team 2022

As the chapter closes on this year, and we celebrate this magical time of year with our loved ones, Dialogue would firstly like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy start to the New Year. The way we celebrate the New Year has evolved over the years, but everyone has …

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The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain

Benefits of a bilingual brain

Proven to help delay the onset of dementia Previous research by York University has discovered that bilingualism can often act as the floodgate in delaying dementia in elderly people. As language activates the entire brain, and not just individual parts, this can increase cognitive reserves, and thus delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, the most …

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The Life of a Foreigner

Life of a foreigner

28 November 2012, Poland The cat woke me up before an alarm clock this morning. Half awaken, I went to the kitchen to feed my furry friend and what a surprise… the box with his wet food was empty! I must have forgotten to buy a new one yesterday… Oh my Lord! The cat is …

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How Latin Unlocks Language Learning

Latin language Dialogue language services

“Latin?” I hear you say. “Isn’t that a thing of the past?” Well, yes, it all started in the past, but Latin has had a tremendous influence on many of the modern languages we speak around the world today. Let’s take a look at how Latin, one of the building blocks of the English language …

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Life After Deaf: The World of British Sign Language

British sign language at Dialogue

As part of the TV documentary, Life After Deaf, the Liverpudlian comedian, John Bishop, sits down to try out some jokes ahead of a stand-up gig that he aims to perform in British Sign Language (BSL). “Do you have any jokes ready?” asks BSL comedian, Gavin Lilley. John replies: “When I was twelve… my school …

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Transcreation: A Guide to Service Processes

Haribo German language packaging

What is Transcreation? Transcreation is a type of linguistic service which allows businesses to ensure that the emotional response in individuals that is evoked in one language, can be replicated across a variety of languages and cultures. Not only this, but the consultative process needed to successfully transcreate helps to avoid marketing blunders and cultural …

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How is Halloween Celebrated in Different Cultures?

Dialogue Halloween blog

A true Halloween Story Once upon a time, on a dark and stormy night… a group of friends huddled together in a dimly lit restaurant in central St Petersburg. Drinking cups of tea and hot chocolate to keep warm, the group were happily chatting away, sheltering from the biting cold and northerly winds that blow …

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