A Selection of Our Clients

“Over the years Dialogue has provided a fast and professional translation service, allowing us to support generating set customers worldwide.” - Honda

“Dialogue's work is always accurate and on time. We are delighted with their localisation of our European websites!” - Energizer

“We are delighted with Dialogue's approach, professionalism and attention to detail for each local market.” - Silver Cross

“The Dialogue team were extremely responsive to our request, asked smart questions to ensure they had a clear understanding of the technical nature of the material and were very flexible.” - Enterprise

“For my part, I did not cherish the idea of returning to the classroom after a break of over 30 years, but you have shown me that our French lessons can be fun, relevant to my needs and above all effective.” - Thales

“Dialogue always provides top quality translations, delivers within our demanding timeframes, as well as being friendly and helpful during the process.” - Herman Miller

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