A growing language training provider

We burst into life in Swindon in 1994, growing rapidly from being a local language training provider to a national player and now operate on a global scale. Initially providing solely language training it became apparent that our clients’ language needs were greater than mastering a language; they needed a more comprehensive approach and they wanted our help. So Dialogue expanded into translations, interpreting, cross-cultural coaching and voiceovers to meet their ever-growing requirements.


Born out of keen desire to help people communicate and do business in different languages, Dialogue was founded in 1994 by Rob and Nicola in Swindon. The name Dialogue resulted from a brainstorming session in a local pub with friends and family to find a word that represented the company: the 2-way channel of communication that infuses everything we do.


Since gaining Renault as our first client we’ve expanded to service clients globally, opening new divisions to cope with increasing client demand: translations, cultural coaching and voiceovers, amongst others. Cathy joined in 2007 to drive the translations side of the business and the rest is history. The fact that we’ve grown mainly through word of mouth over 25 years demonstrates the key achievement we’re proud of: we do a great job for our clients, they pass that on, and that makes us very happy!